Council should amend election year proposal or leave to Charter Review

Open letter to the Pierce County Council Members,

I am writing to comment on the changing of elections for County seats from even to odd years. Although I was at the last meeting, you continued the issue, so I did not comment. I am making these comments as election advice, with a smattering of humor to make a point from the view of an average person at the polls.

I have experience with campaigning. I understand the pile-on impact of a Presidential year with a US Senate election and governor is a tough time to get attention, votes, money or interest at all in a lower level race. Resources such as volunteers are also spread thin. I understand the reason you would want to make this change. Having just been involved in the 2012 election. I truly understand.

BUT – and this is a very big BUT. There are two major flaws I see in your consideration of this change.

1) It looks bad for the County Council making a Charter change that benefits themselves among others. I feel very strongly about this. You really should leave this up to the Charter Review Committee. Getting someone to present the idea is not that difficult and the Charter Review is only a couple years away.

2) When and if this change is made, it should create the staggering years by making the term 3 years, not 5. Once again, you have the appearance of making things better for yourselves rather than making it appear the change is enough worth it to take a shorter term, thus giving away something rather than taking a bigger helping. For this my tongue-in-cheek sound here: [snork, snork, piggies at the trough] You need to avoid that impression.

If you want to make this change and get the votes, back off a little on what you get in the deal. Better yet, wait for Charter Review to acknowledge it.

Marianne Lincoln

Editor, Pierce Prairie Post

Medical Marijuana raid in a state where the PEOPLE voted it legal

The tug of war between Federal Agents and the medical marijuana industry happened again Thursday, July 25. In Washington State, the people voted last November to make marijuana legal. The Washington Governor met with Federal officials to try to work out some compromise. The medicinal industry in the state has been legal and operating for several years. In spite of all the rules they try to follow, the industry can’t seem to get along with Federal Agents.
Frankly, the Federal Agents are on the losing side of the public relations battle. No matter what they may say in their statements read on the TV news, people are not believing there was good reason for this. Through Facebook and other social medial, we learn, once again, the other side of the story. We should expect better of our Federal Government, but they appear to most of us to be abusing their power and stirring fear for fear’s sake.
You should know, this commentary is coming from someone 1) with a medicinal marijuana patient in the family. 2) who can’t stand being around the stuff. To me, it stinks, bad. But maybe if I had a bout with cancer, I’d change my mind too. I want that option for people. I voted yes in November, because I don’t want to get in hot water if I take that family member on a trip and happen to get pulled over with him and his stash in the car.
The Fed, as my friend says, need to “eat a red.” All their drug laws appear to be doing is helping the cartels. They are certainly acting similarly, throwing their weight around, frightening and threatening people. Yes, some of you butthead might lose your jobs if the war against drugs quiets down. Guess what? We’re tired of paying your wages for a war you are not winning. I certainly would rather cut the Federal budget of your wages than take the 20% cut I got in my unemployment or the 20% cut the staff at Madigan just took.
Come on fellas, aren’t there truly dangerous people you can go after? Maybe some evil banksters? Are you afraid the nice people at these medicinal marijuana shops are just redressed crude old drug dealers? Nah. Get a life Feds. Go chase someone in a state where they are still criminals.

Here’s a statement from Facebook posted by a friend of one store raided in the Olympia area:

Good Thursday Morning, Today we are open from 11am to 7pm. DEEP BREATH!!!

“The purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings great joy to yourself and others. Don’t worry about finding your purpose. Instead, focus upon serving a purpose, and then your purpose will serve you.”
Medical Cannabis and helping patients is our purpose.
Someone said to us last night this very saying, ” You are safe, and this situation is under the perfect control of Divine providence and universal order. Only infuse loving thoughts and emotions into the situation to ensure that the highest possible outcome flows effortlessly to and through you.”
In lieu of recent events that took place yesterday, it has taken a lot out of us, but yet we have gain a lot as well.
We have been comforted by many and supported by people we have never met. We can assure you we will fight for your rights as patients, and we will continue to provide you with a safe access point were you can obtain your meds. We are going to fight this fight. We are not sure why they came to us. But, I can assure you NO PATIENT FILES OR INFORMATION WAS CONFINSCATED (sic) OR SEIZED.
As for Bayside’s future, we remain OPEN, this is only the battle lost not the war won. We have a long road ahead of us and we would love and really appreciate your support through all of this. Bayside is and has been in complete compliance with all STATE LAWS and City regulations!
We do have a few strains of dry meds on our shelves. We have no concentrates, or edibles at this time. We have had a few clones donated as well.
We are here and can’t wait to see you. We are here and we are eager to help you.
We are still starting our School Supply Drive August 1, 2013- we are collecting school supplies for children in the Thurston county school districts. We are asking for your help in donating so no child has to show up for the first day of school with out the proper tools to succeed. Every child is capable of success, No Exceptions!
Also, we will be collecting new or gently used clothing items for school age children as well. You don’t have to be a patient to donate just come on in and say hey!
We are so happy to be here today and the fact that our patients have our backs and feel the same as we do is wonderful! THANK YOU TO ALLOF YOU.

Bayside Collective

Here’s a story on the raid:

Difficult and inclusive – Lincoln speaks on road closure

This is the text of comments from Marianne Lincoln’s presentation on Ordinance 2013-36s to the Pierce County Council.

July 23, 2013

Pierce County Council:

My name is Marianne Lincoln. I am the editor of the Pierce Prairie and current President of the Spanaway Community Association. When I graduated from high school, my mother was President of the Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council. I believe for at least six years.

Connecting people with their communities and working to make communities liable is in my blood.
I decided to speak on this issue to say I am certain this proposal will go through.

James Hardie is a good Company with a great product that is very useful to the building and remodeling industries. Even the home I currently live in has Hardie siding.

I have one concern that I most certainly hope you address and that is pedestrian access. People on foot should be allowed a way to go East without first going west.

My other concerns are more general. This is a precedent setting measure. Closing an existing road is not an option I want to see any businesses using. This should be an incredibly rare occurrence. That is the reason so much attention was paid to this particular instance.

There is an insufficient inventory of roadways in the south Pierce county area. We have far too many places where we cannot get people from here to there without saying turn left, then turn right, the turn left, ad infinitum. There are far too many cul-de-sacs and far too few through streets. There are even fewer alternate routes and almost no alleys. A detour can send people 5 to 25 miles out of their way. That’s no simple expense when a highway is closed for half a year.

The six year road plan in Pierce County has roads on it for 30 years that have not happened.

So I wish to insert a strong note of caution in this agreement today that it never be a route quickly travelled or lightly awarded.

The people of south Pierce County have been patient, mostly because they are thrifty and don’t like paying property taxes. But they certainly appreciate when a road is widened. Although – it seems to take years after the county already let the houses be built.

Move forward, but stay cautious. Keep the process difficult and inclusive.

Thank you.
Marianne Lincoln

The editorial grump: Does anyone hire people over 50 anymore?

I know the law says employers cannot discriminate against people due to their age. However, in my personal experience over and over in the 6 years since I turned 50, what I have seen would virulently contradict this. I love the fact that I look at least 10 years younger than I actually am. I work hard to keep too much job history off my resume and try not to talk about anything I did, ‘back in the old days.‘

But… Sooner or later the employer signs you up for medical insurance or files IRS paperwork with your birth date, then they know. This has happened to me on more than 5 occasions. I have been laid off with no complaint of my performance, no excuse other than, “It wasn’t a good fit.” Nothing to take with me about how I could do better the next time. There wasn’t something I could improve because, in my opinion, the problem is I cannot change my age.

Once again, they never said that. They can’t without being sued, so they don’t. In one case, I started asking questions and went to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). I explained how my daughter visited me and had commented how young everyone was in the office. Everyone seemed to be under 30. EEOC started an investigation. They learned it was true and the hiring practices were allowing this. The company was in trouble and their lawyer realized it. They immediate put out a hiring opportunity for someone in a similar role to the one I had. They hired someone who was 2 years older than me to keep from being sued by the government. I only wish I could have kept tabs to see if that person lasted more than the 6 month statute of limitations for the investigation. Somehow I doubt it.

Wash, rinse, repeat says the shampoo bottle and so it is with jobs. This is an “at will” state, so employers do not have to give  you a reason you are being dismissed. They open the door and here comes the boot. You have learned only that no matter how hard you try, they don’t give a damn.

This is not the world of my parents. My father was kept on at the same company for 38 years. My past five years there have been 17 days, 13 days, 19 days and one was only 7 days. It is getting difficult to trust employers. Some don’t even get to the point they invite you for an interview. If you have a lot of experience, no dice. I have a group in intensive job search techniques at Worksource, no surprise we’re all over 50.

So what will all of you in the next generation do with your parents who have no money to retire on because we keep having to dip into our savings to live on in our 50’s? Are you going to let us live with you? Or will you just pass laws to euthanize us? With the direction Congress is going to make sure people who can’t make ends meet don’t have food stamps, unemployment or other social safety net money, I sure wouldn’t be surprised if they proposed laws to euthanize old folks. I am expecting next they’ll say let grandma eat dog food, it’s good for her. Well, this feisty not-that-old lady is tired of those rich people who make up all the fake reasons not to employ good, experienced people because they want to be cheap.

To all of them, and the others that laid me off, I’m sure the bird flying in my yard isn’t in the Audubon book. I hope your hump day camel leaves you with fleas. Remember, I’ll probably die first and I hope to have the chance to come back to haunt you.

Celebrate, have fun, be safe, stay educated and vigilant – Happy 4th!

Today as Americans we celebrate our freedom and our separation from a former form of government by monarchy.
We have a government, designed by those who came to Philadelphia in the late 1700’s and tried to give individuals the right to make decision for themselves and in their best interest locally.
From this form of government sprang a Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But we cannot ever deny or forget the foundation of a good democracy is our educational system. Without citizens who know how their government works, watching how their elected officials are conducting the business of the day, we cannot have an effective system. We must be vigilant in order to enjoy the fruits of our labors or they will slowly slip away. Within the system are those who would devise methods to exert their will without proper oversight.
Our government was further honed by thousands of elected individuals and millions of people who spoke out for various rights and privileges for those who were not best served by the original instrument of our democracy. The took risks, sometimes being threatened, jailed and injured to make their point to those making decisions.
So here’s to those who are educated, those who are vigilant, those who are activists and those who take the ultimate risks to assure there is visibility in the system so the people who are voting can make the best choices.
Happy Independence Day and be careful with those exploding devices. Have fun and be safe.