The Post Office hole on SR7 needs to go away

This photo is of a drainage ditch on Pacific Avenue in Spanaway between Les Schwab and the Spanaway Post Office. This is the single biggest mistake in the sidewalk project for SR7.WP_009798

This little ditch

1) Almost never fully drains

2) Hides a very deep hole between the two locations

3) Creates a very, very difficult, tight turn into the post office – people have broken the curbing due to their vehicles inability to negotiate the turn when needing to take it a the speed necessary with too many drivers following too close. Some have landed in this hole and surely damaged their cars. It’s handy having a  repair place next door and across the street, but I would hope they consider this a problem also.

Because of it, many more people now enter the Post Office lot from the wrong way on 168th. This creates an additional traffic problem as the Post Office exit is only designed with one lane. The Post Office parking overall is another issue.

Spanaway would surely welcome the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to reconsider how this spot is configured. It has been a problem for too long without resolution.

Please WSDOT, fix this wet hole in the ground for our safety.


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