Celebrate, have fun, be safe, stay educated and vigilant – Happy 4th!

Today as Americans we celebrate our freedom and our separation from a former form of government by monarchy.
We have a government, designed by those who came to Philadelphia in the late 1700’s and tried to give individuals the right to make decision for themselves and in their best interest locally.
From this form of government sprang a Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But we cannot ever deny or forget the foundation of a good democracy is our educational system. Without citizens who know how their government works, watching how their elected officials are conducting the business of the day, we cannot have an effective system. We must be vigilant in order to enjoy the fruits of our labors or they will slowly slip away. Within the system are those who would devise methods to exert their will without proper oversight.
Our government was further honed by thousands of elected individuals and millions of people who spoke out for various rights and privileges for those who were not best served by the original instrument of our democracy. The took risks, sometimes being threatened, jailed and injured to make their point to those making decisions.
So here’s to those who are educated, those who are vigilant, those who are activists and those who take the ultimate risks to assure there is visibility in the system so the people who are voting can make the best choices.
Happy Independence Day and be careful with those exploding devices. Have fun and be safe.


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