Council should amend election year proposal or leave to Charter Review

Open letter to the Pierce County Council Members,

I am writing to comment on the changing of elections for County seats from even to odd years. Although I was at the last meeting, you continued the issue, so I did not comment. I am making these comments as election advice, with a smattering of humor to make a point from the view of an average person at the polls.

I have experience with campaigning. I understand the pile-on impact of a Presidential year with a US Senate election and governor is a tough time to get attention, votes, money or interest at all in a lower level race. Resources such as volunteers are also spread thin. I understand the reason you would want to make this change. Having just been involved in the 2012 election. I truly understand.

BUT – and this is a very big BUT. There are two major flaws I see in your consideration of this change.

1) It looks bad for the County Council making a Charter change that benefits themselves among others. I feel very strongly about this. You really should leave this up to the Charter Review Committee. Getting someone to present the idea is not that difficult and the Charter Review is only a couple years away.

2) When and if this change is made, it should create the staggering years by making the term 3 years, not 5. Once again, you have the appearance of making things better for yourselves rather than making it appear the change is enough worth it to take a shorter term, thus giving away something rather than taking a bigger helping. For this my tongue-in-cheek sound here: [snork, snork, piggies at the trough] You need to avoid that impression.

If you want to make this change and get the votes, back off a little on what you get in the deal. Better yet, wait for Charter Review to acknowledge it.

Marianne Lincoln

Editor, Pierce Prairie Post


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